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Eclipse Consulting LLC was established in January 2004 to provide independent directors and operational support to Alternative Investment vehicles and Hedge Funds, both regionally and worldwide. Eclipse has a wealth of experience in the hedge fund industry including auditing, administration, investor relations, fund structuring, accounting and banking. Eclipse is fully independent and privately owned ensuring clients and investors that services are provided without conflicts of interest. Eclipse has an extensive network of relationships in the Alternative Investment industry which are used to ensure that clients are aware of and respond to changes affecting their circumstances. We are committed to outstanding quality and strive to provide the highest level of service on a timely basis with a minimum of disruption and expense to our client’s businesses.

Meeting new demands
An independent director on a fund’s board gives comfort to investors and provides marketing benefits. Many instances of misconduct in the Hedge Fund industry would have been avoided with independent and expert oversight. Eclipse provides investors a high level of comfort in all aspects of corporate governance via hands on service and the application of Eclipse’s risk monitoring and oversight program. At Eclipse we value our independence and therefore have no relation to any bank, broker, law firm or fund administrator. In addition, we do not hold positions in any of our clients. This ensures that we are able to perform our most important role, to provide oversight of fund operations protecting the interests of all investors. This oversight does not result in involvement with day-to-day operations, but does require the skills to communicate with service providers including investment managers, administrators, auditors and legal counsel without distracting them.

Our location
Eclipse has its offices in Curaçao, which is a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Our location allows us to do business with all service providers in all hedge fund jurisdictions without any bias. While technology enables us to work effectively with the law firms, administrators and auditors in the jurisdictions of choice, our location in Curaçao helps us to be truly independent. The operations of Eclipse Management BV are overseen and supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St.Maarten.

Our reputation
Eclipse has built a strong reputation and is recognized for:

  • Responsiveness and quick turnaround
  • High level of industry experience
  • High quality of service, supported by tools and systems for due diligence, and financial review
  • Non disruptive work methods, making use of the reporting tools that are in place with us and with the fund’s service providers without imposing new tasks.
  • Competitive fee structures, without additional billing for routine tasks
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